Finding The Best Chewelry For Children With Special Needs


Children with autism conditions face the challenge of involuntary movements. The older they get, the more the situation worsens. If not treated as early as possible, the chances of complications later can be higher. But then, it is indeed a challenge in looking for trusted and safe chewies. 

Autistic adults or children have to experience oral stimming as part of their everyday life scenario. Though it is just one of their involuntary movements, it can still be a bother moving forward. Also, their tendencies to chew something can be from various reasons like anxiety, focus issues, and being too stimulated.  Given the bad sides of oral fixation, it is another form of calming themselves. If practice properly, it can be another helpful step to those who are suffering in this condition.

Chewelry As Part of Overcoming Parenting Challenges

While it’s true that it can’t be permanently taken away, there are still ways on how to deal with it without much worries and blues. Of course, as a parent, you have to do everything to discover the right and appropriate method that will work for your child.

That’s where the invention of chewelry comes to play a significant role. Not because it is chewable, means it can do good to the baby. Parents still need to be anxious and careful about selecting the right chew toy for their sensory needs. Thus, it is just right to get themselves familiarized first with what kind of chewers that they can safely give to their babies. 

If you are one of those parents, how will you be able to provide your child with the best chewelry out there?

The 3S You Need In Finding Chewelry

To help you throughout, here are some of the special points that you need to consider in looking for high-quality chewelry.


Chewelry shouldn’t just be about its primary use but also the overall looks. With children who have autism, they might have a hard time appreciating the beauty of anything they receive. Therefore, make sure you consider buying one with aesthetic design and style that can attract their eyes and attention.


With the inevitable threat of health in this modern era, you may find it difficult to trust the brand that provides the best features. Anything that may harm your child when they put it in their mouth and chew it all the time can cause a panic. Hence, you need to check if the brand you are choosing already proved its quality. After all, the security of your child matters the most. 


Given the style and the security, there is also one thing that you need to take note of when looking for a chewelry. You have to be meticulous enough to choose the safest product. Make sure it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that can risk the health of your baby. The fact that they tend to chew a lot, you also need to check the durability of the product. That way, you won’t fall with those chewing toys that break off easily when biting too hard. 

Mommy’s Touch For Autism

The struggle of being a parent who has an autistic child is not that easy. From understanding the behavior up to planning out on how to execute proper measures, every small detail matters here. Another heartbreaking part of this issue is the fact that everything can’t be immediately treated, even with the therapists and medicines. So, some parents have to deal with it for the rest of their lives. 

But worry not! For parents like you who don’t want anything but the wellness of their children with autism, things might be very challenging at first. But with Mommy’s Touch chewelry products, you may start thinking positively and believe that things are always possible! So, if you are looking for the best chewelry, visit for more! 

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