How to Choose the Best Teether For Your Baby?

Experiencing baby teething is a crucial moment for both the baby and their parents. It is a milestone signifying that your baby is growing healthy. However, going through this process will never be easy. It involves a series of crying, fussing, drooling, and even allergies. Since every child is different, they also experience teething in various ways.

Most of the time, parents feel overwhelmed and lost as they proceed in this teething process. One of the natural solutions to help ease your baby’s pain is by getting the best teether. By merely allowing your child to chew, its texture can soothe their itchy gums and provide comfort. As it has been used for ages, a lot of parents use this product to stop a baby crying.

However, how do you find the best teether for your son or daughter? Teethers are now sold in different materials, colors, and shapes. Of course, we would always want to give the best for our children. With a lot of variations in the market, it can be confusing to select your teether. To help you, check out the factors mentioned in this article before purchasing.

4 Factors to Consider to Have the Best Teether

  • Pick the Right Texture

Baby teethers vary in texture depending on the materials used. To guarantee its effectiveness, you need to ensure that your baby teething toys have multiple surfaces. While your baby is in the process of teething, it will take several days or weeks before the tooth comes out. Thus, such texture will help massage their gums. Most importantly, it can fasten the tooth to come out.

In selecting your teether, it will be beneficial if it can be refrigerated. Having an extra cold can help soothe your baby’s swollen gums. Freezing these toys and necklaces can offer additional relief and break from their pain.

  • Made with Premium Quality Materials

What else would you look for if you can have durable and safe to use silicone necklaces? Your baby would chew and bite on this every day. Thus, you need to ensure that it will not easily break and crumble. If the teether is not durable, your baby might swallow certain parts that could eventually lead to choking.

Also, you need to ensure that your teether is free from toxic chemicals and materials. It would have direct contact with your child. More so, it will be placed on their tiny mouths. With this, verify that the teether that you’ll buy for your child is BPA free. Guarantee that it will not contain unsafe chemicals such as lead, PVC, and Phthalates.

Safety should always be the primary concern of parents, including you. Thus, choosing a teether made with quality materials is your way to go.

  • Easy to Wash

Once a baby started teething, you can expect that you will be bringing their teether wherever you go. You will also be needing such a tool daily. With this, you need to make sure that the teether can easily be cleaned and washed.

As a parent, you wouldn’t want your child to put a dirty object on their mouths! In selecting your desired teether, make sure that it can easily be cleaned and sanitized.

  • Stylish and Functional

A teether should not only serve as a teether! It should help other purposes and become multifunctional. It can add as a toy or even jewelry to your son or daughter. Thus, you’ll get the most out of your chew necklaces and pacifiers. Of course, it can help catch their attention to guarantee that your child will continuously grab and chew on them. By being stylish and functional, you also ensure that your child will be a head-turner among other babies!

Learning these factors can help you determine the teething necklace that you are looking for. If you are interested in buying cute and multifunctional teething products, check Mommy’s Touch. We offer quality teethers that aren’t easy to find.

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