Learning Things About Unsafe Baby Teether Alternatives


The first scenario of baby teething is both a crucial time for both the parents and the little one. This particular stage requires all the hands-on efforts to take care of the baby to the best abilities. From attending to their tantrums at night up to the daily nursing routines, everything must be done almost correctly. Hence, this includes how every parent should learn what is safe and unsafe to use when it comes to baby teether alternatives. 

Baby teether is often common and overrated when the baby teething stage arises. Although it is a common instrument to soothe the baby’s gums, still, most parents have and get it wrong. While it is just right to want the best remedies for your baby, some convenient ways can go wrong and put your little one at risk. 

Avoiding Unsafe Baby Teether Alternatives

As parents, it is understandable that you want the best thing for your baby. Thus, you tend to go for those you think can be a helpful way of attending to the needs of your baby, most especially if they are suffering the pains of teething. But as mentioned above, some alternatives you knew can cause a major health risk for your baby. 

Here are some of the unsafe baby teether alternatives and why you should avoid them.

The danger of teething tablets and gels

Most of you are probably aware of the recent issue regarding the harmful effects of those homeopathic teething tablets and gels. These over-the-counter gels and liquid benzocaine products are not safe and dangerous for the baby to use. These harmful chemicals can risk your baby’s health and may result in having methemoglobinemia, a semi-fatal condition that dramatically affects the oxygen amount in the bloodstream. 

Giving aspirin to the babies

Aspirins are often used for soothing and relieving pains. This is why some parents believe that when their baby suffers from pains, the best thing to do is to let them take aspirins. However, you should never give this to your little one even if they show the signs that they are aching too much. Children under the age of 19 shouldn’t take aspirins.

Putting frozen things into your baby’s mouth

Some parents tend to feel alarmed once their babies cry for help because of the teething pains. The tendency is, they would give them something cold to put relief in their baby’s mouth immediately. However, this kind of practice isn’t applicable since their gums are still young.

Implementing homemade solutions

Using any herbals or alcohol isn’t also advisable. While it’s true that some medicines work significantly, still, not all of them can apply to any situation. These remedies are not medically proven and tested, so it’s better not to risk your baby’s health with them. 

Doing anything without a doctor’s approval

When accommodating your teething baby, it is always vital that you consider doing the action first before actually doing it. Doing something without your baby’s doctor approval can cause a big problem. One example is giving gel or cream to your baby. This kind of remedy is dangerous because your baby can swallow medicines. If not immediately noticed, this could make them choke or cough. 

There will be times where most parents aren’t prepared for situations like this. Because of that, they end up looking for alternatives on how to ease the pains of their babies. However, not everything they know can be a big help. Thus, always be careful when doing some alternatives that are not applicable to treat the first attack of teething.

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