Oral Fixation: The Benefits of a Chewelry to your Child


There are cases where your child still continues chewing non-food items even when the teething stage already passed. You might be fortunate if the chewing tendencies are just a passing phase. But for some, it could be one of the habits that they need to carry until adulthood. If not treated immediately, oral fixation can be a bother to the entire development of the child until the adult period.

When oral fixation occurs, the child may always feel the urge or need to chew something. Sometimes, what they crave on chewing isn’t food but non-food material. Some children tend to bite their nails to satisfy their needs to chew something. This is why at such an early age, you need to move and do what you can as a parent to avoid the possible agonies later. To help you with that, chewelry is made to reality to fix severe chewing problems.


What Do You Need To Know About Chewelry?

To help you gain more information, what is chewelry first? Combined from the words chew and jewelry, chewelry is a piece of jewelry that is chewable. This invention is made to safely fulfill the strong urge to chew harmful objects like pens, toys, and many more. Comes with colorful and attractive styles, shapes, colors, and textures, chewelry is also the right fit for the sensory needs. Thus, these are just perfect for children to carry along the way.

What Are The Benefits of Chew Necklace For Your Child?

  •  Chewelry helps in being an alternative for severe oral habits like tooth grinding and thumb sucking. A child with oral fixation issues can use it along the way, so the repetitive practice of chewing won’t last long. With the chewy texture of chewelry, this can help stimulate the pattern of chewing unusually.
  • For children who have autism or sensory processing disorder, chewing is one of their ways to calm down. Children who are suffering from sensory issues are often sensitive and see the world differently. Thus, they can exhibit repetitive habits like flapping hands, spinning things, and chewing. Having chewelry is indeed helpful to calm them in doing these movements.
  • Stress is one factor why children chew most of the time. In fact, there is a certain feeling in chewing that helps the movements of the jaw calm. This is probably the reason why they keep on doing this. But this is also the reason why chewelry is made to reality. Aside from it can be their immediate outlet when they want something to chew, it can also help in controlling whatever comes in and out of their mouth. 
  • The use of chewelry can also help children in improving their focus and concentration on things. Actually, chewing can be an effective method in improving the focus on something without distractions. As you know, children tend to lose their attention a lot, so having a chewelry with them will keep them from losing their focus.
  • One of the conditions that children exhibit at an early age is oral awareness. Meaning to say, they don’t feel enough sensation within their mouths. Thus, they can tend to bite their lips hard or seek for something that they can chew. To fulfill their needs in this situation, having chewelry that they can chew anytime would help them avoid limited oral awareness.

Why Choose Mommy’s Touch?

You may notice your child chew a lot, and at first, it is just fine. But things could be bothering when chewing becomes out of their control. And you don’t have to worry for long! You can always do your best to nurture your child more. Oral fixation is a severe issue that can affect them when they grow older. So, the best thing that you can do is have the right partner by your side. Mommy’s Touch can be that partner for you in giving your child a sensory chew necklace! Discover here for more!

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