Oral Sensory Store

Mommy's Touch designs and manufactures teething jewelry for children without the childish look. Children with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and other behavioral differences often have strong desires to chew, and now our children have a comfortable and non-embarrassing way to pursue this comfort.




Chewable jewelry created with popular and meaningful shapes that can be used for children with sensory seeking needs such as kid's with autistic oral fixation, thumb sucking, anxiety, ADHD a desire to fidget or trouble focusing. This chewlry not for heavy and aggressive chewers and is better suited for medium chewers and chewing. Baby Chewies with breakaway clasp as an additional safety measure.


Mommy’s Touch chewable jewelry is much safer for kids to bite than the ancient materials used such as bones, sticks, wood and coral while teething and chewing. Lead Free. No PVC, Phthalates, or other unsafe chemicals used on any Mommy’s Touch teething jewelry. Mommy approved just like all of our necklace biting teethers for your boy or girl toddler.

One of a Kind

Genuine and original Mommy’s Touch silicone Makau sensory chew necklace for boys and girls made with the highest quality 100% food grade silicone! Works well with other sensory chew toys and is great as an autism chew necklace. You won’t find this anywhere else! Certified to exceed FDA testing requirements provided by 3rd party.