Grey Dolphin Silicone Chew – Gender Neutral Teething Necklace for Children – Oral Sensory Chewy Teether Necklaces for Autistic Chewers – Chewelry For Boys and Girls


Grey Dolphin Silicone Chew

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DURABLE – Mommy's Touch chewlery is created with cool designs that can be used for kids with sensory seeking needs such as autism, oral fixations, thumb sucking, ADHD, a desire to fidget or trouble focusing, although not meant for aggressive chewing.  These pendant chewies are great oral motor therapy tools making them a fashionable piece of chewable jewelry and work great as an autism chew necklace. GENUINE – We are the original!  Great chews for babies, your toddler, older child or even the adult that needs a chew necklace for biting or oral fixation.  These are not your average sensory toys or baby teether toy.  Chew toys for aggressive chewers usually look silly and attract unwanted attention.  Your boy or girl will only get compliments in this chewerly.  Also check out our shark tooth necklace silicone teether. GENTLE – BPA Free teethers are much safer for kids gums than amber teething necklaces while soothing and chewing. Mommy's Touch silicone chewlry necklaces made with the highest quality 100% food grade silicone! Lead Free. No PVC, Phthalates, or other unsafe chemicals used on this sensory chew necklace for boys or girls.  The side ridges help provide a soothing oral aid on the teething necklace for boys and girls. SAFE – Our gender neutral baby silicone teething necklace is third party tested to meet safety standards so mommy's know your child is teething with a safe and durable teether necklace. Encouraging aggressive chewers to use molars for chewing on the chewy necklace will increase the life of the pendant and prevent the smaller edges from being bitten off. Breakaway clasp included as an additional safety measure and the chewlery for boys and girls is certified to exceed FDA testing requirements. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning! Sensory toys for autistic children, a baby teether necklace, a toddler chew necklace and other chewable necklace sensory items can get dirty like anything else so easy cleaning is a must!  Easily clean dirty necklaces after being in your purse or hitting the restaurant floor by cleaning them with mild soap and water. Finally! An all-natural silicone baby teething necklace that baby boys and kids can wear! These stylish, chewable jewelry pieces are a terrific addition to your baby's wardrobe, both boys and girls. Many doctors do not recommend the use of amber for teething pain relief because the hard amber often causes bruising to delicate gums when babies try to chew on them. Our teething necklaces are optimally designed so your baby can easily hold and teeth on them. They are a colorful and fashionable addition to your child's wardrobe so you will always have a teething toy with you. Perfect for teething boys or girls since they are specifically designed to be gender neutral with very fun designs that will not only look good but also serve a purpose. These teethers are very durable and created with fun designs that can also be used for children with sensory seeking needs such as oral fixations, thumb sucking, ADHD or trouble focusing. A must have when the little one gets fussy in restaurants, parks, malls, etc. Throw them in the refrigerator to provide extra relief during difficult teething periods. All necklaces have breakaway clasp for additional safety and are BPA and lead free.