White Shark Tooth Silicone Chew – Sensory Teething Necklace


GENUINE and original silicone necklaces made with the highest quality 100% food grade silicone! Certified to exceed FDA testing requirements provided by 3rd party. DURABLE and created with fun designs for children with sensory seeking needs such as oral fixations, thumb sucking, ADHD or trouble focusing although not meant for aggressive chewers. Breakaway clasp as an additional safety measure.

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Finally! An all-natural silicone teething necklace that kids can wear! These stylish, chewable jewelry pieces are a terrific addition to your child's wardrobe, both boys and girls.  Our teething necklaces are optimally designed so your child can easily hold and teeth on them. They are a colorful and fashionable addition to your child's wardrobe so you will always have something to chew on. Perfect for boys or girls since they are specifically designed to be gender neutral with very fun designs that will not only look good but also serve a purpose. These teethers are very durable and designed to be used for children with sensory seeking needs such as oral fixations, thumb sucking, ADHD or trouble focusing.  All necklaces have breakaway clasp for additional safety and are BPA and lead free.

Customer Reviews

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Good chew necklace

This was a gift and the recipient seems to really enjoy it

Great sensory tool!

Trying new toys/tools with my son, who is 17, blind and autistic. He's an intense sensory seeker so we're always on the lookout for new products to try. What we liked about the shark tooth necklace is its undestrucablity and texture. That's saying a lot because he can bit through steel. He didn't like it around his neck, instead wraps it around his hands as he explores the textures with his mouth. This one is going in the arsenal.

N. Kurmas
Not safe for young kids

My kid chewed it in half

Not made for chewing, but works great otherwise

My teenage son chews random items all the time, such as sweater cords,, his headphones,, etc. We got this for him to help. About 3 weeks in and he bit the tip off. It works great, but keep in mind it isn't for biters.

More for people that are not 12 easy to brake but still works

It was easy to break and did last a little but not to long i think It was good for like 1-8 not 12