Reviews for Mommy's Touch

"I am so glad I found these necklaces! My 15-month old daughter asks to put them on everyday! Instead of begging for her pacifier, she will chew on her beads...All the while, looking so very stylish! It was very important that the necklace have a break-away clasp, and these fit the bill! Easy to clean, we get compliments every time we go out now! Thank you Mommy's Touch!"

weston worsham

"My daughter adores this necklace she loves chewing on the beads and really helps her with teething. I really did not like pacifiers and the amber style bead this is a awesome safe choice. My wife loves the design and looks like a piece of stylish jewelry when not in use."

Tim Boehnlein

"I bought this necklace for my 18-month old baby girl and she loves her necklace. The necklace itself seems pretty sturdy and well built. I also like the breakaway clasp that's used. It's strong enough that it doesn't just come undone while she's playing with the necklace but in case it gets caught on something or there's some kind of emergency I can see that it will definitely do its job."

A. Tobar

"Awesome!!!! Love these chew beads I got the rainbow ones soo cute and my lil girl knew exactly what to do with them she started chomping on them almost as soon as I got them on her and I love that she can't throw them since she wants to do that with everything right now such a life saver...Very happy w this purchase cuz I've bought a few mommy teething necklaces and there realy ugly if ur looking in to buying one save ur money on here and go to etsy cuz there r tons of choices and so so cute, but for a cute baby necklace, this one is the best and most adorable one I've found so far very cute."


"I bought this for my 1 1/2 yr old niece because she loves dress up, but she has a tendency to put everything in her mouth and my sister definitely doesn't want her eating regular necklaces. Very pretty necklace, she loves the pink color, and is thrilled to have her own special necklace!"

J. White

"Great product and I love the color. The beads are a good size and the clasp is a perfect break-away clasp. Only downside is the size (very large necklace on my one-year-old) and the fact that she doesn't like to chew on them."

Amanda Saye

"My son is 5 years old in kindergarten. He chews his nails and hands to the point of bleeding and chews holes in his shirts. (He is typically developed and only does this in the class room setting.) this chew necklace works wonderfully in giving him a functionally equivalent alternative behavior. He loves that it looks like Maui's fish hook from moana. And because that movie is so in right now, all the kids in his class think his necklace is cool so it is not socially ostracizing"

Taylor I.

"My son likes to chew on his shirts and everything; wefound out this is normal for some kids, especially with heightened senses; he loves it, no more holes in brand new clothing, no more worries about breaking his teeth on things (not to mention toxins in things like plastic when he chewed on them) and it looks like the Maui hook to boot."