Why Does Your ADHD Kid Needs a Chew Necklace?

Today, there are several connotations given by our society to children with ADHD. Starting from how they act to how they see things, some perceptions can often lead to bullying. Thus, it is common for parents to feel anxious about how their child could cope up with the community where they belong. Similarly, a child’s behavior, way of communication, and social interaction are also affected by ADHD.

Children with ADHD have a different view of the world. Their sensory issues have a significant impact on what they smell, see, or hear. Also, it isn’t very easy for them to express themselves and what they feel. Thus, they need the most love and care a parent could offer.

In reality, taking care of a child diagnosed with ADHD will never be easy. As a parent, your everyday scenario becomes a rollercoaster ride. With this, it is reasonable to feel overwhelmed, confused, guilty, or even depressed. However, it shouldn’t end with what you think. With the proper medication and tools, there are numerous ways to help your child. One way to do this is by selecting a quality chew necklace that they can bite whenever they feel nervous and anxious.

Common Characteristics of a Child with ADHD

For most cases, the symptoms of ADHD becomes noticeable in a child’s early age. Such signs often include hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention of a child. However, these symptoms don’t usually relate to ADHD. Normal children can have the same characteristics or might even refer to another behavioral disorder. Thus, your child needs to get assessed and diagnosed to get the treatment and care that they need. One of the ways to help them is by providing an anxiety necklace that they can bite or chew.

If you are interested in learning more about your child’s behavior, here are some other characteristics related to ADHD:

  1. Self-Centered Behavior

According to experts, it is common for children with ADHD to focus on themselves and their needs. They experience difficulty in socializing and knowing other’s desires. As a result, you may notice that your child keeps on interrupting while others are talking. They might also interrupt other kids during games without proper notice to them. Similarly, a kid may also experience difficulty waiting for their turn. Children with ADHD want to be prioritized during activities and games both at home and inside the classroom.

  1. Fidgetiness

If your child has ADHD, you must be having difficulties keeping your child stay in place. Once you ask them to sit still, they will try to stand and run around the area. Similarly, they also find issues with playing quietly. Due to their fidgetiness, they can’t easily play quietly and calmly.

To help parents, you might want to consider having a sensory necklace. Your child can quickly bring them around when they are experiencing such difficulties.

  1. Experiencing Emotional Distress

This symptom makes it hard for parents to take care of and control their children, especially when they are outside. Children with ADHD have trouble controlling their emotions and feelings. Thus, you might probably need to handle numerous tantrums and crying from your child. They may also have several outbursts of anger which they cannot control.

  1. Difficulties with Instructions and Organization

Mistakes are observable on children with ADHD. Such errors occur due to their trouble following instructions and laziness or lack of intelligence of your child. ADHD children also have problems with organizing tasks and activities. Most of the time, they can also easily forget the things that they need to do. With this, the child would find it hard to keep up with their daily chores and school works.

  1. Lack of focus

Whenever you are with a child with ADHD, he/she might find it difficult to accomplish things despite showing interest from the start. They have trouble giving their full attention to things or people speaking to them. In addition to this, they might also avoid activities that need sustained mental efforts. Such activities include listening to a class and doing their homework.

A natural remedy to this is to give your child sensory jewelry that will help them focus. Such pieces vary in shapes and textures that can help a child prevent distraction. Thus, it helps them focus and finish the tasks they are doing.

Taking good care of a child is difficult. With this, what more can we say to parents nurturing a child with ADHD? However, the struggle shouldn’t stop you from being the best parents your child could have. With your overflowing love, everything will get better. The symptoms mentioned above are just a small picture of why your child needs a chew necklace. To help you in your parenting journey, Mommy’s Touch is here to provide the best chew necklace your child will surely love! Check this out to find our fabulous pieces.

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